Mount Dandenong Primary School values our unique environment and close community. It is a place for creative opportunities and academic excellence, nurturing respect, happiness and independence

At Mount Dandenong Primary School we are focused on preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century. Foundation students beginning school in 2019 will graduate in the year 2032. What skills and knowledge will they need then? Individuals who know how to think critically and creatively, collaborate, communicate effectively, are of strong character and understand the importance of active citizenship are most likely to be successful. As Principal, I’m really excited to work with you to continue building a vibrant learning community that prepares young people to be successful in this new era.

The Mount Dandenong Primary School shared RICH values of ‘respect, independence, community and honesty’ articulate the fundamental attributes required so that learners can become valuable and valued community citizens. Our students, staff and parents work to cultivate these values and demonstrate them in their interactions with one another as well as in the broader community.

The school has a strong sense of community with families taking a keen interest in the school. We value this close connection which is expressed in the many special events and celebrations we share throughout the year such as the Twilight Open Night, Art Show, Music Soiree and Trivia Night.

The school has established strong links to the local pre-school and encourages the sharing of resources. We have a comprehensive Pre-School to Foundation (Prep) transition program that aims to facilitate the smooth movement of our youngest students from early education into school.

Our current enrolment of just over 150 students enables all children to be well known by all staff members, as well as to one another, creating a positive, nurturing environment in which individuals can thrive.

At Mount Dandenong Primary School we are very proud of our students, staff, classroom programs and facilities. Every day is an open day. For a personal school tour please contact our office to book in a suitable time with me.

I look forward to meeting you so that you and your child can discover our wonderful school.

Warm regards,

Sally Alderton