Parent Testomonial August 2012 (click link to view)


August 2012

Hi Mike, Ralph & Co.

I am writing to congratulate yourselves, your staff and the numerous “science” gurus on a very successful, entertaining and importantly educational evening on Wednesday.

My children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and I learnt a thing or ten. I have since started cutting the plastic windows out of my mail envelopes and can relax knowing that the sun has about 5 billion more years of energy before it implodes.

Thanks again, the hard work has paid off.

Ben Selby-Hele


August 2012

To all of the staff at Mount Dandenong Primary School,
thank you so much for giving of your time last night at the Super Science
Night. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to see the fantastic things
that are going on at our school. I was impressed with a number of things:
– the engaging activities
– the dedication of the staff members who were there
– the welcoming atmosphere
– the impressive (and well documented) displays of art
– the way people knew Noah by his name and that he felt confident in
engaging people in conversation

Last night was a fantastic opportunity for me to see and share with Noah
what I don’t get the chance to see due to my work commitments. The success
of last night was a testament to both the organisation and the commitment
of all staff who participated.

We feel privelaged to be part of such a community, it is why we moved to
the area! Well done, you should all be proud. Hope the chockies made it
out of the car and onto the staffroom table!