Physical Education Program

The Physical Education and Sport programs at Mt Dandenong Primary School provide a fun, engaging and stimulating learning environment. We focus on allowing maximum participation and physical activity, catering for all students’ needs and on developing healthy lifelong habits and attitudes towards physical activity.

Our Physical Education program aims to develop the fundamental motor skills in a sequential order throughout the grades. They also develop the students in other areas such as participating in physical activity cooperatively, using equipment, game tactics, inventing and modifying games, setting and achieving goals, peer teaching, undertaking different roles such as umpiring and coaching along with a focus on a range of health and fitness related areas.

The Physical Education classes develop students’ skills to a high standard and in a wide range of sports and activities. The following includes some of the sports experienced in physical education classes at the school: Basketball, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Gymnastics, Dance, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Badminton and Hockey.

Students also have numerous opportunities to participate in extra events and activities. The school runs major events for Prep-6 students such as an athletics carnival, cross country run and fun run. They also have the opportunity to qualify and compete against students from other schools in these events at District, Division, Regional and State level.

Other events the students participate in include round robin competitions such as hooptime and a rugby gala day. They experience various incursions during Physical Education from a range of organisations and every student in the school has the opportunity to participate in swimming and water safety lessons from grades Prep-6. Advanced swimmers also have the opportunity to swim against students from other primary schools where they can go on to higher levels of competition.

Mount Dandenong Primary School is proud of its extensive Physical Education and Sport program.